Military Land Vehicle Supply History

Company Highlights

January 1991 Cummins Engine Co. acquired the company with the main purpose of competing for the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) or Extended Service Plan (ESP). Taking the successful family owned business that refurbish military vehicles in a 1-Bay system and together with employee team led management streamlined a more efficient production line method. 

Major projects or deal while the SLEP was in-process: 

  • 1991: 300 each - M50 Water Tankers delivered to Government of Columbia, South America. 
  • 1991/92: 400 each - M35A2 Cargo Trucks delivered to the Republic of the Philippines. 
  • 1992: 112 each - M860A1 Patriot Missile Trailers processed in partnership with Raytheon/Martin Marietta to deliver to US TACOM under contract DAAE07-91-C-1682, with final-destination of Ministry of Defense, Royal Saudi Land Forces, Army Ordnance Division. 
  • 1992/93 5 each - M715 Kaiser-Jeep repower program to delivery Cummins 4BT Diesel. 

In 1993 Unfortunately, Cummins lost the SLEP contract to the incumbent AMG near the end of the year. (DAAE07-93C-R110) 

Refocusing to the parts and assemblies we began to build our customer base to include the US Armed Forces. 

  • 1994-2000 TACOM, DLA-BPA, SNAP, direct buy IMPAC purchase cards, and special base projects. 
  • 2001-2008 World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks put our quick delivery systems in the forefront of many prime contractors, helping us improve our quality management procedures. 

FASI-G Program (Fleet Automotive Support Initiative - Global / SPM7LSX11R0039): 

The prime Lockheed Martin and SupplyCore awarded a 5.6 billion / 10-year contract, with the help of our team quoting and supplying a large quantity of the line items, to sustain the U.S. military land-based vehicles, for the duration of the project. 

Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc. (HTSI) Contract

2014/15 M978 HEMTT Fuel Tanker FMS Reset Program at Sierra Army Depot, CA. ComTac was a key vendor in the project kickoff and continued to supply for 2 years

SupplyCore/IMOI (Iraq Ministry of Interior) Contract: 

2016/17: ComTac had an unprecedented, 100% on time delivery, and Zero percent return rate on this $15M+ contract.

KSA (Royal Saudi Land Forces)

2012-2014 Supplied several vehicle platforms (ie... M939, HEMTT, M1102, etc.) thru BAE Systems - Sealy, TX, to Oshkosh, to Raytheon, and then to in country partner/KSA. 

2017-present Supplied several vehicle platforms (ie... M939, HEMTT, HMMWV, and M88/M60/M2-Bradley Track) through several prime vendor and then to in country partner/KSA.