Focus And Capabilities

ComTac is a supplier of spare parts for commercial and military. vehicles worldwide, specializing in legacy platforms such as; HMMW, FMTV, M35, M809, M939, M60, M88, M113, M2/M3, M109, MRAP, HEMTT/PLS, and more.

ComTac has been a trusted Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to countries throughout the world that include, but not limited to; USA, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, and more; to major installations including Defense Logistics Agency (DA), Tank Automotive Command (TACOM) and prime contractors for foreign military sales (FMS).

We can offer you immediate shipment on most parts. If we don't stock the part, we will find it or order the item directly from the manufacturer, ie. AM-General/government authorized suppliers, Lockheed-Martin, Meritor/AxleTech, BAE. Oshkosh, etc.

We utilize the same numbering system as the U.S.Military and/or the O.E.M., so if you have a NSN, NIIN, or part number, we can identify the item and get to work to help supply your needs. The items we supply are USA origin, unless directed elsewhere by our customer or due to sole source supplier we get prior approval/acceptance.

We have an extensive research facility and the resources to find whatever you require if we do not have the part in stock. With over 150,000 NSN/commercial numbers available, we can give rapid response & service.

Container, 6.2L/6.5L Eng. (Shipping & Storage) 8145-01-231-3747 12338064

Sourcing parts, especially over multiple legacy platforms are time consuming and can become labor intensive. Our mission is to remove that burden to help ensure key maintenance personnel are focused on maintaining critical rolling stock not researching and sourcing parts.

By choosing ComTac to be your primary Source of Supply (SOS), we commit our resources to quote parts quickly and strive to provide the best value on any future endeavors.

Vehicles Systems currently supported:

HMMWV (all variations)
MRAP (all variations)
FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles)
HEMTT 8X8 (all variations)
M35 Series 2½-ton (A2 & A3)
M52, M800 & M900 Series 5-ton (A1 & A2) M60, M88 & M48 Tank (all variations)
M113 / YPR - APC (all variations)
M109 / M110 Howitzer (all variations)
M2 / M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
M1117 / V150 series (all variations)
M1 Abram (Main Battle Tank)
All M-Series Trailers of any size (to include Patriot)
M915 thru M920 Series (A1 & A2)
SEE Small Emblacement Excavator)
Various Engineer Equipment, i.e. 950B, 130G, etc.
4K, 6K & 10K Forklifts
All Generators/Power Units
and MORE ...

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RESET Program Support

ComTac is specialist in the equipment refurbishment process and helps to ensure operational effectiveness to any RESET program. ComTac's proven sustainment services help maintenance programs restore units to a desired level of combat capability and increased fleet readiness.

We support many aspects of any RESET program:
Repair: Replacement of some parts to bring equipment to Tech. Spec. STD.
Replacement: Replace equipment too damaged to be repaired.
Recapitalizing: Overhauling or Remanufacturing to Like New condition.

ComTac's in depth knowledge of system maintenance schedules and past replacement part demand can help our Partners order repair parts in advance of equipment arrival.

ComTac has experience in supporting remanufacture/upgrades on the HMMWV, HEMTT, M113/YPR APCs, M60 Tank, Bradley IFV/CFVS, M939-5ton, and other US, NATO, and Eastern Bloc Military equipment.

ComTac has past performance supporting the Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Life Cycle Management Command (TACOM LCMC). We have supplied spare parts and assemblies for the:
• FASI-G sustainment DA program
• M113 family & M109 series upgrade FMS
• HMMWV RECAP program and readiness stocking
• And more