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ComTac is a Primary Source of Supply (SOS), specializing in U.S. military vehicles, genuine OEM parts and assemblies, as well as top-shelf/upgrade replacement product.

US Government - Central Contractor Register (CCR) - Cage Code: 5WLF3 ISO 9001:2015 compliance that is continually developed and maintained.

ComTac has been a trusted Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to major prime-vendors in many countries throughout the world including, but not limited to; USA, Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, UK, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Yemen, Oman, Pakistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia and more.

ComTac's tight network of strategically placed domestic and foreign distribution facilities guarantees customers are supplied with optimal production depth, individual service and global presence.

Total Quality Integration in the Process

Excellence in Management

Dedicated to Quality Assurance

Continuous Improvement

Client Satisfaction

  • ComTac is a supplier of spare parts for commercial and military vehicles worldwide, including all installations and direct to DLA / TACOM. We can offer you immediate shipment on most parts, and if we don't carry it in stock we will find it or order the item directly from the manufacture, ie. AM General, Lockheed, AxleTech, BAE, Oshkosh, etc. Supporting a wide range of vehicles.

    We use the same numbering system as the military or the O.E.M., so if you have a NSN, NIIN, or commercial part number, we can identify the item and get to work to help supply your needs. We have an extensive research facility and the resources to find whatever you require if we do not have the part in stock. With over 150,000+ NSN/commercial numbers available, we can give rapid response & service.

    Product Group Systems supported:

    Group 01: Engine (Drivetrain)

    Group 03: Fuel System
    Group 04&05: Exhaust & Cooling Systems

    Group 06: Electrical System

    Group 07&08: Transmission / Transfer / Final Drive

    Group 09: Propeller Drive Shafts / U-Joints

    Group 10&11: Front & Rear Axels

    Group 12: Braking System

    Group 13: Wheels / Tires / Tracks

    Group 14: Steering System

    Group 15&21: Frame / Towing / Bumber / Guards / Fender

    Group 16: Springs / Shocks / Suspension System

    Group 18&22: Body / Cab / Hood / Chassis / Acc. (Mirrors)

    Group 20: Hoist / Winch / Power Control Unit / PTOs

    Group 47: Gauges / Weighing / Measuring Devices

    Group 52: Heating / AC / Refrigeration Components

    Group 94: Repair Parts Kits

    Miscellaneous: Turret Sys. / Bearings / Filters / Hardware

    and much MORE

  • The ComTac team is committed to providing quality products and services. We will develop and maintain product quality and service levels that are both clearly superior to the competition and meet or exceed the expectations of internal and external customers. We will foster an environment for all ComTac employees that encourages pride and enthusiasm for quality and customer satisfaction.

    ComTac is working with the following military and defense customers:
    · Active Motor Pools and DOL maintenance facilities on major installations throughout the U.S.
    · National Guard Maintenance Shops
    · United States Army Reserve ECS and AMSA facilities
    · Deployed military and contractor units throughout North America, South America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East
    · Prime Vendors, Major Govt. supply chain programs, DLA, TACOM, etc.

    Vehicles Svstems currentlv supported:
    HMMWV (all variations)
    MRAP (all variations)
    FMTV (Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles)
    HEMTT 8X8 (all variations)
    M35 Series 2½-ton (A2 & A3)
    M52, M800 & M900 Series 5-ton (A1 & A2) M60, M88 & M48 Tank (all variations)
    M113 / YPR - APC (all variations)
    M109 / M110 Howitzer (all variations)
    M2 / M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle
    M1117 / V150 series (all variations)
    M1 Abram (Main Battle Tank)
    All M-Series Trailers of any size (to include Patriot)
    M915 thru M920 Series (A1 & A2)
    SEE Small Emblacement Excavator)
    Various Engineer Equipment, i.e. 950B, 130G, etc.
    4K, 6K & 10K Forklifts
    All Generators/Power Units
    and MORE ...

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